1) Contact TRANSFLO

Every shipment is unique and TRANSFLO will ensure the right processes are in place to transload your business safely and effectively.  Please contact the Sales Manager associated with your terminal of interest.  Find a Sales Manager in your area.

To get the process started, your Sales Manager will need the following information:

  • TRANSFLO Terminal Location
  • Origin or Destination
  • Product/Commodity
  • SDS
  • Volume
  • Car type
  • Truck type

This basic information will be the framework on which to develop a solution for your business.

2) Obtain the Service Agreement

Once your product and handling requirements are verified, your Sales Manager will contact you with a TRANSFLO solution along with associated pricing, start-up fees and timing.

Given your concurrence to the offer, your Sales Manager will provide you with a Service Agreement detailing the agreed-upon services and price offer.   Please print, sign, and fax or email it to the number provided by your Sales Manager.

A TRANSFLO representative will then contact you to review the details of your shipment, including truck carrier information, and to reconfirm the handling requirements.  It’s important to complete this process prior to the release of railcars to ensure a detailed handling plan is in place prior to the arrival of the shipment at our terminal.

3) Other Required Steps Prior to Transloading

  • Apply for Credit
    • If you have never shipped with TRANSFLO or CSX, you must establish credit. A new online credit application form makes it easy for you. Go to the credit application now, select the TRANSFLO Transload option from the Rail Service dropdown, complete all of the remaining required fields and submit the form.
    • If you currently have credit with CSX, you DO NOT need to fill out a credit application.
  • Arrange for Motor Carrier Services
    • TRANSFLO is motor carrier neutral, but your Sales Manager can give you suggestions if you need them. Your motor carrier must sign and return TRANSFLO’s Motor Carrier Access Agreement (PDF) before they can enter terminal property. (Instructions are included in the document.)
  • Get a Price for Rail Portion of Shipment
    • Contact the originating railroad to get a price for the rail portion of the shipment. For shipments originating on CSX, go to ShipCSX.
  • Sign up for TRANSCENDSM, our online inventory management tool. Register here. (Learn more)

4) Initiate Service

  • Initiate Rail Shipment
    • Submit shipping instructions (or a bill of lading) to the originating railroad. If you are shipping with CSX, use the ShipCSX Shipping Instructions tool. Send a copy to the TRANSFLO terminal.
    • NOTE:
      • For rail shipments destined for a TRANSFLO terminal, TRANSFLO must be listed as the “Care of Party”.
      • For rail shipments originating at a TRANSFLO terminal, TRANSFLO must be listed as the "Pickup Party".
      • TRANSFLO will not accept shipments where TRANSFLO is listed as the Shipper or Consignee.
  • Initiate Transloading
    • Track your rail shipment with the ShipCSX Rail Car Tracking tool.
    • Once it has arrived at the terminal, you can notify your motor carrier that the shipment is ready.
    • You must communicate with terminal personnel to schedule loads 24 hours in advance.
    • Use TRANSCENDSM to check your inventory and see when each load is complete.