TRANSFLO's Jacksonville Terminal Celebrates Thirty Years without a Lost Time Injury

     At TRANSFLO, safety is a way of life. Every TRANSFLO and terminal employee is committed to safety in all aspects of operations.  We work closely with our customers, motor carriers and operators to prevent accidents and injuries.

     As a testament to our culture of safety, over 40% of our terminals have gone over 15 years without a lost time injury.


     Recently, TRANSFLO's Jacksonville, FL terminal celebrated thirty years without a lost-time injury. During the celebration, Jan Barnes, TRANSFLO’s Health, Safety, Environment & Quality Director asked the attendees what they were doing thirty years ago.  Some of the attendees weren't even born when the streak began.  She went on to discuss the nature of the work done at the terminal, handling multiple products, hazardous materials and doing so in the harsh Florida sun.  The discussion served to remind everyone how long thirty years is and of the contributions made by former employees, further cementing the significance of the accomplishment. Kyle Khadivi, TRANSFLO's Director of Operations commented on the terminal, remarking on how it operates with a culture of excellence, brought on by leadership but carried out day to day by a core of conscientious employees who do an incredible job. 

Handling a diverse array of products from peroxide to ethanol, the team in Jacksonville focuses on safety and customer satisfaction.

Terminal Features include:

  • Personnel: Experienced operational team dedicated to "right results, right way" and a "fact-based" process
  • Capacity: 49 car spots to handle a variety of liquid and dry bulk products at differing service levels
  • Equipment: TRANSFLO's asset team helps find creative solutions to handle your product

To start transloading your product in Jacksonville today, contact Melissa Hensel.