TRANSFLO's Sanford Terminal Earns Impressive Ratings from Florida's Division of Emergency Management

TRANSFLO’s terminal in Sanford, Florida went through a thorough on-site inspection in accordance with the provisions of the Florida Accidental Release Prevention, the Risk Management Planning Act and the Chemical Accident Prevention Provisions. During the on-site inspection, the agency found that the TRANSFLO staff had “substantially documented and implemented all relevant elements of the Risk Management Program at this facility”. The inspection team was impressed with the thoroughness, organization and implementation of the program, and they appreciated the focus on safety and TRANSFLO’s vision of continued improvement. The success of this inspection highlights TRANSFLO’s commitment to our Risk Management Program, and our employees’ hard work and attention to detail.  The positive results of this inspection would not have been possible without the dedication of TRANSFLO’s Sanford terminal personnel; Sidney Smith, Terminal Manager, Hubert (Dale) Shelton, Customer Service Representative, and Lenneth (Lex) Earsley, Loader.